Meet the Team

Muller discovered his gills 4 yrs ago, gave up farming to become a Divemaster and spend his days ion the ocean. Muller is your safety guide when you swim with the sharks, he will make you feel completely at ease while up close and personal with these magnificent apex predators. He is passionate about sharks and the ocean, book a reef diving adventure and he will show you all the secret of the reef to find turtles, raggies, paperfish, pineapple fish and so much more.

The owner of Shark Diving Adventures, Odette, has spent most of her life in and around the ocean. Sailing to Brazil and the Caribbean at the young age of 14 with her parents, she can tell you a few stories. Working in the dive industry for 20 yrs as a Divemaster, Instructor and shark enthusiast, the ocean is in her soul, conservation is a very important aspect for this reason. her passion for sharks is infectious and after chatting to her you can’t help but fall in love with these animals.

Kym is the owner of Aqua Planet, our go to charter in Port Shepstone diving with sharks on Protea Banks. This reef is renown for its BIG action schooling Hammerheads, Tigers, Bull Sharks and so much more. Kym grew up in and around the ocean diving since 2000,  officially mermaid status. Aqua Planet does PADI courses from beginner to Divemaster. Professional and safe you will feel welcome at all times.