Shark Cage Diving

Shark cage diving is fast becoming the no 1 ADVENTURE activity to experience in South Africa. Most people only know of the Great White experience in the Western Cape area, the great news is if you are travelling along the coast, you can also experience a shark adventure in the warmer Indian ocean off the KwaZulu Natal coastline.

We at Shark Diving Adventures will handle your BOOKINGS for all shark based adventures and match you to the best operator for your experience level. All shark operators are based to the South of Durban, about a 40min drive, offering the experience on the famous reef called Aliwal Shoal, the shark spot is referred to as “Shark Park” we have an incredible variety of sharks in the area. Depending on the seasons, you guaranteed to see Ocean Blacktips all year round, Tiger Sharks in summer, Bull Sharks, Dusky’s and if you are a qualified SCUBA diver we also have Ragged Tooth sharks on the reef itself during certain times of the year.

Working for various top shark companies, our passion for sharks drove us to start our own business. Our motto is ” CONSERVATION THROUGH EDUCATION” therefore reaching many non ocean going people and educating them on the facts of shark. Jacques Yves Cousteau once quoted “We protect what we love” and with this experience you are definitely going to fall in love with these misunderstood animals.

Shark Adventures Shark Cage Dive - Snorkel with Sharks - Shark Scuba Dive

Shark Cage Dive

Shark Cage Dive

The cage is usually the first option that our clients book for, but you also have the option of going cageless
Snorkel with Sharks

Snorkel with Sharks

Words cannot describe how it feels to be up close and personal with sharks. There are special rules when free swimming with sharks which is explained in the briefing.
Shark Scuba Dive

Shark Scuba Dive

This adventure is for experienced divers only. Definitely check out our reef dives that show you the Ragged Tooth sharks as well, with SCUBA it is also a great opportunity to see Tiger Sharks in summer.

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About Us

We started a business called Dive Adventures a few years ago, predominantly doing SCUBA diving in the Knysna, Plettenberg Bay area. After moving to KwaZulu Natal and working with a top shark diving company for 2 years we started our own business as we have a passion for conservation of sharks. Dive Adventures became SHARK DIVING ADVENTURES and the rest is history. Sharks have always been a priority,  trying to change the negative perceptions that sharks have world wide. Working with people from all walks of life on a daily basis sharing this AWESOME bucket list adventure and changing fear into respect.

Dreams of being a marine biologist making a difference in the world through research was replaced instead with this fantastic platform to reach more people seeking an ADRENALIN filled experience and giving them the facts of what these apex predators are actually about, therefore our motto is “Conservation through Education”

Shark Diving Adventures only works with operators that high safety standards and ethical shark encounters. BOOK with us today! We will take all the hassle out of finding the best experience for you ad your family.

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